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Welcome to the web site of KLP Metal Polishing Specialists
I specialise in high quality Metal Polishing, Metal Reconditioning, and Stainless Steel Artwork.

I offer the highest standard of professional, high quality metal polishing in the North West.


All polishing carried out by myself through the use of bench mounted or hand-held grinders, polishers, buffers.
Weld Dressing and Blending  -  Full polish of Fabrications  -  Re-Polish.
Finish Restoration  -  Architectural Motor Vehicle  -  Pharmaceutical
Stainless Steel - Brass Copper  -  Bronze and Aluminium  -  Satin - Brushed - Bright or Mirror Finishes  -  Ornamental - Decorative - Artwork - Cycle  - One off's or Small Batches
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Visit Kurtis's 'Art in Stainless' website.
Kurtis designs and crafts off-cuts of stainless steel in to wonderful pieces of art
Gallery 1:
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KLP Gallery1-15
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Gallery 2:
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KLP Gallery2-8
KLP Gallery2-9
KLP Gallery2-10
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KLP Gallery2-14
Gallery 3:
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KLP Gallery3-3
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KLP Gallery3-7
KLP Gallery3-8
KLP Gallery3-9
KLP Gallery3-10
KLP Gallery3-11
KLP Gallery3-12
KLP Gallery3-13
KLP Gallery3-14
Gallery 4:
KLP Gallery4-1
KLP Gallery4-2
KLP Gallery4-3
KLP Gallery4-4
KLP Gallery4-5
KLP Gallery4-6
KLP Gallery4-7
KLP Gallery4-8
KLP Gallery4-9
KLP Gallery4-10
KLP Gallery4-11
KLP Gallery4-12
KLP Gallery4-13
KLP Gallery4-14
KLP Gallery4-15
If you would like more information on the services that I provide,  request a quotation or just to chat about your project, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Tel: 01942 803964
07734 015533
I will get back to you as soon as possible.
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